22 februari: René Boender

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Date(s) - 22/02/2018
7:30 pm

Valkiria Hub Space

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The 22nd of February will be special: brain agent René Boender will rock our ‘KRING’.


Take a look and you know why:

Brain agent, bestseller author & keynote speaker René Boender will provide the know-how and energy to enterprises, people and projects, with the goal of developing and implementing challenging, impact full and special business opportunities. And that is what we need in Barca.


He has spread his magic seeds of wisdom and ‘motivational marketing humor’ from Orlando to Perth, New York to Cape Town, Lisbon to Milan, and Dubai to Willemstad. He was on stage with Warren B, Elon M, Howard S and even Queen Maxima. His work as a Brain agent has been just as diverse as his travel – really involved in brands and a keynote specialist to energize the process or kick off! And the exciting thing is ; the word is getting out!

René Boender is very much in demand as a participant on (inter)national symposia and is a guest lecturer at universities and seminars but also strong in marketing audits. He inspires many global captains of industry in one-on-one sessions and knows how strike just the right chord with consumers.

René keeps track of virtually everything, and believes everything stands or falls through the power of communication.

He is the author of the 4 nr 1 bestsellers Great to Cool, Generation Z, Gen Z & the fourth industrial revolution and Cool is Hot. And love to share all input….

René Boender is a great believer in the use of humor to market one’s product, and taking advantage of today’s tools, such as social media, both of which are available to any marketing manager at little or no cost.

It will be presentation packed with superlative ideas and information!

Moreover, Rene advises those wishing to succeed in a highly competitive global market filled with “me too’s” or imitators, they consider these following factors of “today’s reality” and “keys to success.”

1)       The digital lifestyle is rewriting the rules of marketing

2)       Time compression is changing the evaluation of mankind (people are becoming increasingly “cash rich” but “time poor”)

3)       Generation X-tasy is fostering an extravagant mindset

4)       Unwired is recasting the mobile phone as the “appliance” of the future

5)       Voyeurgasm (no, that is not a misspelling-ed) is reshaping future media

The last original “Boenderism” signifying that one must present a multimedia marketing experience to your audience that stimulates and satisfies their perception and intellect. “You have to create a story,” he asserts, “You have to inspire your audience.” Keeping these points in mind, and also the idea of letting your marketing department have fun, encourage them to exercise their creatively, and not constrain them with constant reminders of keeping to budget. “The problem is not to get new innovative thoughts into your mind -but to get the old ones out! Remarkable visions and genuine insights are always met with resistance; forces for mediocrity will align to stop you! Persist! Don’t give up, go for it!”




Er kunnen geen reserveringen meer worden geplaatst voor dit evenement.

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