The board


The board

The Circle’s board consists of six members who together decide about policy and organize the monthly events. If you have any questions or you want to contact one of them, you are welcome to send an email to one of the board members via the contact form.


  • Lotte Engels, president
  • Cornelie Schungel, treasurer
  • Sander Laudy, secretary
  • Isidro Helder, vicepresident
  • Annemarie Roozendaal, vocal
  • Niels Bakker, vocal

‘At The Circle you will meet new people and find new places’


When I arrived in Barcelona in 2009, my intention was to live and work here for 1 or 2 years and then move back to the Netherlands. Almost 10 years later, I feel totally at home, with my family, friends and a beautiful job at the Netherlands Business Support Office. Barcelona has brought me a lot professionally, as well as a high quality of life,  blue sky, and many new and international friends.


After having worked for 6.5 years at Hewlett Packard, I started as the director of the Netherlands Business Support Office in 2016. With the goal of extending my professional network, I got in contact with The Circle, which proved to be a hugely positive experience. It provided a warm welcome, good and interesting contacts inspiring speakers and beautiful locations. After 1.5 years of membership I had the chance to become the first female president: a big honour.


Our goal as the administration is to continue the formula of success, constructed by The Circle during its almost 50 years of existence. This success can be resumed with the slogan I learned from my predecessor: At The Circle you get to know people and you get to know places. In short: professional networks, inspiring speakers and special locations. As an organisation, it’s important to keep on listening and adjusting to the needs of our members, and we work hard to do this.


I invite you to have a look at this website and find out about the events planned for this year or to look back at past events.


We hope to welcome you at a future event!


Lotte Engels